Desert Style


Vacation time is the best time to buy new wardrobe! Going from the Ohio Valley in the spring to the desert is going to feel like a warm time-travel. The weather here is 50s & 60s with tons of rain and wind and Arizona is upper 80s and sunny and dry. Not only is it time to bust out the summer wardrobe, but also the water bottles, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Below is my style inspiration & wishlist for a sweet desert style.


Currently loving linen shorts, natural fabrics, leather & strappy sandals, bright colors (as always), and red/orange florals.


Melissa is wearing vintage Levi's high waisted shorts, vintage woven hat, Lucky Brand sandals, and Sunflower print crop top.

The sunflower print is an original design by Abby Galloway and printed by

This cute little so cone stand is Emily's Sno Cones in Bowling Green, KY