Winter Blues

Anyone else experience Seasonal Affective Disorder? 👋

SAD is usually the worst during the daylight savings in Autumn and all throughout Winter. Though it gets me down all throughout the year when I don’t get enough sunlight. Below are my “remedies” for when the sun doesn’t shine and when the cold weather gets me in a slump.

I say “remedies” because it doesn’t really solve the problem, but it helps to keep some sanity. These things may not help you if you too are suffering from this mysterious disorder.

CBD Full spectrum oil - This has completely replaced the SSRI’s that I’ve been on for the last 2-3 years

  • 50,000 IU Vitamin D (I don’t recommend you taking this much unless you were prescribed by doctor)

  • Citrus foods & greens- Fresh fruits and veggies help stimulate the “IT’S SPRING!” pleasure center in my brain

  • HUM Nutrition Uber Energy- Any little extra help with the adrenals can’t hurt

  • Essential oils- My favorite is Red Rose (smells like a bouquet of fresh cut roses) & Awake blend by Grove Collaborative

  • Biossance Vitamin C + Rose oil- Keep skin moisturized and looking well. Nothing will add more to your depression than dull skin

  • Sparkling water- staying hydrated will help with all ailments & a little extra fizz helps liven it up

  • Plants & flowers- nothing like a fresh bouquet or growing plant to help boost your mood when the weather is dreary

  • Sunlight- duh! Get out as much as possible when the sun is shining