Around the House


Little Corner

This is the first little corner of my house that is 100% complete!

I found this mint green vintage cabinet (that weighs about 200lbs) at the flea market about 4 years ago for $30. It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture that holds all of my art supplies and paintings.It's been hiding in my office and its getting the focus of the living room now.

My house style is a little bit of an eclectic mix. In every little space I like to add a little bit of 60s/70s vibes, tropical/jungalow pieces, glamour with glass/crystals/metallic, with some handmade and natural pieces.

Vintage cabinet/thrifted & repainted peace sign/hand painted vase/prayer plant in vintage basket/vintage Murano glass bowl/vintage brass side table/vintage brass tiered shelf /handmade wood art/Ted Feighan collage & handmade frames

Vintage cabinet/thrifted & repainted peace sign/hand painted vase/prayer plant in vintage basket/vintage Murano glass bowl/vintage brass side table/vintage brass tiered shelf /handmade wood art/Ted Feighan collage & handmade frames

It took about a month to figure out what kind of art would look best hanging above the cabinet. The main rooms are large and open with tall ceilings that is perfect for large artwork, and so I've taken advantage of that to do some large scale paintings. This wall however, is just a tiny little wall dividing the kitchen and living room by the master bedroom door, so it needed something special.

I like the idea of having an art museum for a house, but variety is key to keeping balance. On the side wall, is Ted Feighan's original collages that are showcased in frames I made from rough pine lumber. I wanted these to be the focus and not have another painting take away from them. They added a little bit of raw/natural feeling to the tropical themed artwork.

 Aren't they the best? 

 So in my search for something to not compete with these beauties, I decided to channel the 70s(as usual) and make something subtle with texture. He used photographs from 1970s books to create these collages, so something inspired by that era was the best match.

I had the idea to do something abstract and wavy for a room divider or on doors to a dresser, but decided to do this for a little art piece.

I took some luan/thin plywood from Home Depot and used this handy dandy little jigsaw to cut out some squiggly shapes. After the shapes were cut out, I figured out the pattern that would look best and glued them to another square piece. Once dry, then I painted the entire piece with several coats of un-tinted white paint. The white is just a tiny little bit of contrast on the marshmallow colored walls.

This would look great in any color of paint or wood stain. This was super simple and will probably be covering everything in the house with this! 

Southwest Deco


While trying to come up with a plan to make my work studio more comfortable and work-friendly, I put together this weird combination of patterns.

As much as I love the desert, I’m usually not a huge fan of Southwestern/Native American patterns. Though I do enjoy natural fibers and bright colors that Southwestern pieces have to offer. Also, cacti, duh.

I fell in love with this office chair about a year ago and I’m still stuck on it. This and the pine wood work table is a definite in the work studio.

This rug is 100% my favorite thing right now. I’m not sure if it will make its debut in the studio or it’ll be swapped out with the living room rug to give an extra pop of color and to match the existing Oaxacan vintage rug in my bathroom.

Indigo curtains such as these, add a pop of color while remaining neutral. Think denim, it goes with everything!

Desert Style


Vacation time is the best time to buy new wardrobe! Going from the Ohio Valley in the spring to the desert is going to feel like a warm time-travel. The weather here is 50s & 60s with tons of rain and wind and Arizona is upper 80s and sunny and dry. Not only is it time to bust out the summer wardrobe, but also the water bottles, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Below is my style inspiration & wishlist for a sweet desert style.


Currently loving linen shorts, natural fabrics, leather & strappy sandals, bright colors (as always), and red/orange florals.

Winter Blues

Anyone else experience Seasonal Affective Disorder? 👋

SAD is usually the worst during the daylight savings in Autumn and all throughout Winter. Though it gets me down all throughout the year when I don’t get enough sunlight. Below are my “remedies” for when the sun doesn’t shine and when the cold weather gets me in a slump.

I say “remedies” because it doesn’t really solve the problem, but it helps to keep some sanity. These things may not help you if you too are suffering from this mysterious disorder.

CBD Full spectrum oil - This has completely replaced the SSRI’s that I’ve been on for the last 2-3 years

  • 50,000 IU Vitamin D (I don’t recommend you taking this much unless you were prescribed by doctor)

  • Citrus foods & greens- Fresh fruits and veggies help stimulate the “IT’S SPRING!” pleasure center in my brain

  • HUM Nutrition Uber Energy- Any little extra help with the adrenals can’t hurt

  • Essential oils- My favorite is Red Rose (smells like a bouquet of fresh cut roses) & Awake blend by Grove Collaborative

  • Biossance Vitamin C + Rose oil- Keep skin moisturized and looking well. Nothing will add more to your depression than dull skin

  • Sparkling water- staying hydrated will help with all ailments & a little extra fizz helps liven it up

  • Plants & flowers- nothing like a fresh bouquet or growing plant to help boost your mood when the weather is dreary

  • Sunlight- duh! Get out as much as possible when the sun is shining