Abby Galloway

Influenced by free form, natural elements & wabi-sabi Neo-tropical/Island inspired designs with a funky, free hand, loose, bright, and bold style. These elements are translated onto illustrations, paintings, patterns, graphics, fashion, and design.

Every piece is made with hand mixed colors and are hand drawn/made and composed in various styles. Featuring a signature palette of bright and warm shades and contrasting hues.

Inspired by tropical leaves, birds & flowers, bright colors, gold, gunmetal, copper, bronze, duo-chrome, space age, astronomy, psychedelic, marble, swirls, fruit, waves, circles, cats, summer, jazz, 1960s/1970s.


Once the concept of the gif was complete, I took the idea of a yin yang and started dissecting these basic elements to be used in 2 parts.

After a few combinations, the final layout was composed of 1/2 sun and 1/2 flower. To add a bit of the contemporary style, I added in arches & semi-circles for a geometric flare to contrast the natural elements of the design. All that was left was adding color, which was comprised of mostly yellows, pinks, and oranges with a pop of teal for a contrast.

The finished logo was mirrored and flipped with the colors adjusted to highlight the yin yang theme that I originally started with.


Creating a personal brand and identity is a difficult task to do for yourself. When thinking of a brand, I had many different ideas to encompass my style and what I love. My personal style and art style always has an element of contrast (Dark vs light, natural/neutral colors vs bright, sun vs stars, black vs white, retro vs contemporary). With this idea, a yin yang style branding seemed the most fitting.

The next idea came to me as more of an animated gif morphing different elements of my style into one piece. This was a great idea at first but it would only be applicable for web and I needed something that could be used in print. Though this was a great start in designing my logo, it seemed too unfocused for a single brand.

Stars, sun, flowers, and citrus fruits all seemed to have similar design elements and thus my logo design began.